Best snorkels for abalone diving

Snorkels allow you to keep your head under water and focus on the hunt while allowing you to breathe clean air.

If you take your eye off of an abalone in the Pacific Ocean you’re going to lose it. The ocean is constantly pushing you around, and when you come out of the water for a full breath and try to head back down you are almost always in a different spot.

You’ll want a diver’s snorkel, also called a “dry snorkel” which will keep a lot of water from entering your mouth if you dive down. Snorkels aren’t perfect, of course, so you’re going to get some water down your tube. Here’s some more info on dry snorkel mechanics.

Just like your dive mask, your snorkel is going to look very similar to everyone else unless you get a distinct color or mark it up somehow.

Here are the best three snorkels on Amazon:

Dry Snorkel


Phantom Aquatics
Avg. Rating:
5 Star Rating

Supernova Dry Snorkel


Avg. Rating:
4.5 Star Rating

Island Dry Snorkel


U.S. Divers
Avg. Rating:
4 Star Rating

You’ll need a lot more gear to get into the ocean, so make sure you read my abalone dive gear checklist to figure out what you’re missing.