Best snorkels for abalone diving

Snorkels allow you to keep your head under water and focus on the hunt while allowing you to breathe clean air.

If you take your eye off of an abalone in the Pacific Ocean you’re going to lose it. The ocean is constantly pushing you around, and when you come out of the water for a full breath and try to head back down you are almost always in a different spot.

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Best masks for abalone diving

If you’re hunting for abalone in the Pacific Ocean you’ll need a crystal clear mask to spot your prey in the often murky waters.

Your dive mask is the window to the amazing sights under the water. On a clear day, the colors and wildlife in the waters of Northern California rival Hawaii. The fish aren’t as colorful, but the sea anemones, urchins and landscape are. Nothing beats cruising through the water and spotting a fellow hunter like a seal on the prowl.

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Best booties for abalone diving

Booties keep your feet warm and protected while abalone diving. Every piece of gear is important when you’re in the ocean, but a good pair of shoes might be the most critical piece of neoprene on your body.

Most abalone divers hike into their dive spots, so having sturdy, reliable foot protection isn’t something you can skimp on. When you hop into the ocean the terrain is especially dangerous, with sharp shells and rocks looking to gouge and injure you at every turn.

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Best gloves for abalone diving

Gloves are an essential part of abalone diving. They need to keep your hands warm enough to move, they need to protect your hands from all the sharp and dangerous things in the ocean and they need to allow enough freedom of movement to pry abalone from the rocks and collect them.

There are varying opinions and preferences when it comes to the thickness of neoprene for abalone diving. Most wetsuits are 7 millimeters thick for getting into the Pacific Ocean in Northern California. But when it comes to gloves, most people are willing to sacrifice a little thickness for better dexterity.

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Best hoods for abalone diving

If your wetsuit doesn’t have a hood built in then you’re going to need something thick and warm if you want to go abalone diving. The general consensus is that you’ll want 7 millimeters of neoprene protecting your head when you’re swimming in the cold Pacific waters of Northern California.

Your face will take the brunt of the shock from the cold when you first dive in because it should be the only piece of skin on your body that is exposed to the elements. Your mask will cover your eyes, but everything else will be feeling frozen pretty quickly. Some people get an ice-cream headache when they first get in the water.

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